DFG Tenders Portal

The DFG Tenders Portal is an automatic and easy to use online system built around a schedule of rates, which is fully customisable to meet your requirements. Developed for Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies, this system creates an instant solution to the tendering process so your officers can spend their time where it matters the most. 

How it works

Your contractors log-in and pre-price all the items in your schedule.

For each project, you pick the items from your schedule that apply and DFG Tenders calculates a tender price from each contractor based on your selections and their prices.
Attach drawings, photos and any other information the contractor will need.

Then you select the successful contractor, based on price and/or quality, and the details are emailed straight to the contractor.

You can download a PDF of the priced schedule to save to your file or share with others.


Instant Tenders

With all of your contractors' standard prices in the system, tenders are instant

Easy Specifications

No more cutting and pasting - set up a standard specification and pick the items that apply for each job

Manage Variations

Agree and keep track of costs for unforeseen works or changes in requirements

Contractor Performance

Score your contractors on speed of delivery and quality of work to incentivise great service

Contractor Ratings

Let existing clients rate the contractors, and share the feedback with future clients


Set up your own specification or use our standard clauses

Frameworks and Fixed Prices

Want to use an existing framework with fixed prices? No problem.

Designed for DFG

Made to speed up the DFG process - but can be used for any standard building work including minor adaptations and stairlifts

Social Value

Simple to use for your small local builders without a complicated and time consuming procurement exercise

From speaking to Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies we know that:

Not all money is allocated

Many are under-spending on their increased allocations

Timescales are being missed

Most are missing the timescales set out in official guidelines

Processes are outdated

Some are still asking for quotations to be returned in the post

DFG Tenders Portal aims to simplify the process of choosing contractors for tenders with instant responses.


Ready to get started?

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